Bring on my little petri dish baby!!

If you've read this blog before, you know that Joe & I have
 been in the baby making business for a while now. 
I'm from the country y'all...
everyone and their Momma is fertile myrtle around there. 
I just assumed when I started trying I'd be fertile myrtle too..
not so. 

A little thing called Endometriosis pretty much murdered my tubes...
and despite our best efforts, surgery, treatments of all kinds, the stork has yet to visit us. 

We've been counting and saving our pennies for a little thing called in vitro, 
and we officially have enough. 

Our Doctor has presented us with the choice of waiting, because he says 
since they did laparoscopic surgery to clear out my tubes a little, it's 
not impossible that I'll conceive, BUT with that there comes a high risk of tubal pregnancy.
And we've been trying, without so much as a hint of progress.

I said all that to say this...Thursday is our very first appointment where we'll 
consult for in vitro. 
We are nervous, scared, but most of all EXCITED! 
It's crazy to think that this time in a few months, I could
have a baby in my belly. 
I won't even know how to act, because it's something I've wanted for so long now. 

We're really trusting God on this one. 
He knows what is best for Joe & Brittney. 

Stay tuned for updates on our baby makin' journey! 


Brandy Humphrey said...

Good luck Brittney!!

Brandi Buehrer said...

Good Luck, You will do great.
I also could not concieve on my own and did invitro.
I have endometrosis and PCOS.
The Doctor told me the day of impanting the eggs(2) back in that they were not the greatest and I had a 5% chance. Both of my eggs took and I now have twins b/g, so there is hope.

Katie said...

good luck brittany! I know there are so many emotions that go into starting this journey!

Heather said...

Good Luck!!!! My husband and I have been trying for a little over 6 months now and every month it doesn't happen I feel my heart break a little more. I know the average couple takes 1 year to conceive it just seems to happen so quickly for everyone else. I work in a doctors office and it is so difficult to see so many unfit parents getting pregnant with their 5th child that they can not afford or take care of and we can not conceive one. Best wishes in this new journey!

Elle said...

Oh I am so happy for you! I've missed you on your little ole' blog but I am glad you are back! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! :)
I'm sure this will work :)

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