Gettin' a little preachy

I usually don't use this blog to give out advice, but I have an appointment
with the Dermatologist tomorrow for a skin cancer screening.
I'm SO nervous.
I tanned a lot in high school,
and if I could change any one thing about that time in my life,
that would be it.

I am terrified of this appointment tomorrow.
I still hate being pasty pale, but lately I've realized that it's not worth it...
and I've been experimenting with spray tanning.
Right now currently look like I have jiffy store feet,
because I haven't mastered that art yet...but I'll take the jiffy store feet over cancer any day!

Makeover time up in hurrrr

 Now that I'm a full-time, 
stay at home Wifey, I definitely want to start blogging more...
but I feel like I've outgrown this little blog. 
The girl I was when I started this...I'm not that girl anymore. 
So I'm gonna flip this little ole' blog, starting with a new name & blog design.
Seriously though, I'm not super if anyone wants to just give me a new name..
it would be mucho appreciated. 
Kidding...not really....sort of kidding, but feel free to shoot me any ideas you may have!
Stay tuned!!

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